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Sedation Dentistry

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

There is no need to be nervous about having sedation dentistry at our Lehigh Valley practice. You will find we are both respectful and professional at all times.

Sedation dentistry is closely regulated by law, and there are two sedative states at which we can administer your treatment: Nitrous oxide inhalation “laughing gas” is a form of mild-to-moderate sedation that results in relaxation during treatment. We also offer Oral Sedation. You remain awake or very sleepy throughout the entire procedure and are able to breathe on your own, but you will feel a great sense of relaxation. Patients typically recover from anxiolysis (anti-anxiety agent) sedation within a few hours after the procedure is complete.

Why is Sedation Dentistry for me?

If you are avoiding the dentist because of fear or anxiety associated with a much-needed procedure, sedation dentistry is a tool that can help reduce your anxiety so you can take care of your oral health.

Putting off your dental care can lead to more serious and painful problems down the road. Sedation dentistry at our Allentown office can make coming to the dentist a more comfortable experience for anyone who has had a previous negative experience at a dental office.

Sedation Dentistry may also be appropriate if you:

  • Fear or anxiety of being at the dentist
  • Difficulty sitting still for long periods of time
  • A hard time getting (and staying) numb from anesthetics
  • Are having a lot of dental work done

Is Sedation Dentistry safe?

Sedation Dentistry is commonly used by dentists and is generally safe. It is important to note, however, that any time anesthesia is administered complications can arise. Before administering anesthesia, Dr. Kenney will go over your medical history and any medications you are taking to determine if you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

How long will the sedation last?

Some sedatives like nitrous oxide take effect quickly and wear off just as rapidly allowing you to safely drive yourself home. Other sedatives can last for hours. Dr. Kenney will utilize the safest choice for your procedure and let you know in advance whether you will be able to drive home or will need someone to drive for you.

We Can Help!

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation and learn which of our Lehigh Valley sedation dentistry services is right for you.