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Digital X-rays

Stephanie Taking X-rays

What are Digital X rays

At Kenney Dental, we use digital x-rays during your dental exam as a diagnostic tool to detect decay, damage or disease that is not visible to the naked eye. Although digital x-rays require some exposure to low levels of radiation, we use a leaded apron and techniques that minimize your exposure and make our dental x-ray exams completely safe.


Our diagnosis is only as good as our information. Despite Doctor Kenney’s training and many years of practice it can be challenging to correctly diagnose what can barely be seen or not seen at all.

When necessary, our 3-D Scan system gives us the missing puzzle pieces we need to see the whole picture. This way, there are absolutely zero questions regarding your diagnosis and the best personalized treatment plan for you.

Our 3-D Scan system gives us quality enhanced images for the delivery of dental treatment by allowing us to:

  • Analyze skeletal symmetry
  • Assess temporomandibular joints and occlusion
  • Plan implant surgical treatment
  • Evaluate ectopic and impacted teeth
  • Assess growth
  • Design custom appliances and image-guided treatment

We are here to provide you with the best possible care. If you have any questions regarding our technologies, please feel free to contact us.

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